Sorry to my Readers

So I have not been blogging very much regularity at all since last July. I can give you a good explanation on why that is however there was really no excuse for not doing it for that long.

My Lame Excuse

Okay so back in August I found two other blogs that both said that they would pay me to write for them. I am really sorry because this should not have been a reason to leave my beloved site. As it turns out things did not work with those two sites so I am back to stay. The first site said that they would pay me but as it turns out they do not have the money/resources to pay me. Okay so I blogged with them for four months with the promise that I was going to get paid. Well as it turns out I still have not been paid one penny. Okay so not getting paid is not the biggest deal however the owner/operator wanted me and every other writer to produce enough content to compete with huge sites like 9to5mac, TechnoBuffalo, Lockergnome and similar sites. Well for no money or promotion for my personal stuff I have decided that I am going to leave that site.

Now you may be wondering on what happened with the other site? Well after writing for a month with no pay I decided to live that one. Now this one said that they would pay well for three to five articles a day. Okay while that is not bad I was “hired” to write reviews. Well if anybody knows me I like to take my time when writing reviews. And with the owner/editors schedule that was not possible. I asked him to give me a month to review and write reviews in advance to the content can keep flowing. So after doing it for a while, I decided that enough was enough and then I left.

So in the end I am back for good and everything will be great. I will share what I am doing in my life as well has reviews and news in the world of tech. I might also have a few articles that will help you in your life.

The two horrible blogs that I was writing for were: iCydiaBlog and DotTech.


How to Blog without an Internet Connection

Now many of us know how to blog however not very many people know how to blog when there is no Internet connection available. Throughout a year or so of blogging I have found a very good and clever way of blogging. It is really quite simple and it allows for a lot of improvising. My current setup includes wherever I am and an old Laptop. When I blog, as I am doing now, I am usually out in nature and in a location other than the basement of my house where I spend the majority of my time. I have chosen an old laptop that does not have an Internet connection or a hard drive. I just write up the blog posts and then when I have access to the Internet I upload it to this blog witch is hosted by  As with all setups this does have its drawback because of the lack of instant uploads. However I never instant upload any of my blogs. I also set them to either post at 7:00 am or 5:00 pm whichever one suits my fancy at that time.

I feel that this setup allows me to blog to my full potential because it takes away all of the distraction that so commonly plague bloggers. Out in Mother Nature where there is no Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube to distract one’s self.  Out here I found that I can express myself more freely and better deliver the content that is deserved by you, my viewer.