quick update

i will now publish all of my YouTube videos on this site. Along with an article if that is nessarcary


David Di Franco’s 700th video

So today David Di Franco let his followers know that his 700 video had been taken off from youtube, however it is on Viddler. Please go and watch it. it is at: http://www.viddler.com/v/91f13b76?secret=44621845.

Thank you David for all of your amazing Videos

David’s Info:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/daviddifranco

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/daviddifranco

Google +: http://gplus.to/daviddifranco

David’s Personal site: http://daviddifran.co

TekSocial: http://teksocial.com

Ad for 5: http://adfor5.com

YouTube: http://daviddifran.co/youtubeguide

Please visit these sites for more information on David and what he does

YouTube and Office/Room Tours

During the first part of the year, thousands of YouTuber’s upload their room/office tours.  Many users get thousands of views on their videos in the first couple of weeks. This was my first year doing the same thing and 1 month into it I have received 700 views.  Now this may not seem like much however I only have two subscribers, so I would say that my video of my room is doing pretty well. The amazing thing is that it in only two weeks later and my room has changed so much. I will probably do an update video in March. Below there will be some pictures of my office.

Here is my updated office as of 2/15/2012

Before                                                   After

An updated office tour video will come in May