Why starting a blog between two friends does not always work

When you start a blog or really any business you need to have structure. In order to have success to have to do several things.

The first thing that you have to do is to post regular content and that content has to be original. ………………………………………………………………………..

Okay seeing that is blog is a completely personal blog I am going to go out on a limb and that I am having a problem. With the little interaction that both my blog and my YouTube channel get little views. Because of that I am going to focus on the one that I like more. That is YouTube. As of right now I really like making videos and they get some views. However the whole technology writing/industry is bloated with lots of businesses and business wanna bees.

I need to find a new market. One that is not bloated.


Freewrite #2

Here I am again doing another free write. They are not that bad. I really like that they let me reflect and just write down whatever is on my mind. The only things that I do not like about them are that you have to write it down and that takes time. It also hurts your hand. Well it is official I am going to the 8 and 10 o clock class times for APUSH tomorrow so I can do my presentation. I wish that it was with my normal class however I am not too picky and a least I don’t have to do it on Friday. I will also have more time if I need it, however I would because I am going to keep my presentation short and to the point so my fellow classmates do not get bored. We did like 4 today in history and the first two were really boring. So when it get home I need to type this up so i can read it later and i need to do my history project on the future of energy,. I think that it is a really fascinating topic. I can’t wait to dig deeper into the whole thing so I can learn lots and do lots. I was watching a video about the future and I really ho9pe that technology comes out in the future. When I type this up I will put the video below. Well looks like I am almost done. I only have two more days of my junior year of high school and then I will be a senior. So excited WWWDC or the place that apple unveils their products is on June 11. I am so glad that after they refresh the line up my family will get a new Apple computer. No more windows computers that die in a few years

Here is the Video:

Free write #1

My favorite object is my computer. While my computer is amazing, I still do not have a very good one. The only problem is that good compiters cost a lot and I don’t have the money. If I had a better computer I would be able to edit YouTube videos better. Speaking of YouTube I really want to go home and watch some. No, got to get focused. I need to work on my connect presentatin. hay that uses computers and I can upload it to YouTube. Wait, my Eagle project has accompllished 3 thyings. It has my Eagle project, my connect prject, and Ican show it today in seminary as my talent. now am i going to share it as me being good at landscaping, video editing or service. okay I really want an ipad. I ahve a nook color but there is not comparison compared to an iPad. They look so bueitful. If I am going to get an iPad I am going to need to get the money and then clear some space on my desk for the dock. Man there is a lot to do and thing about WAIT. I was going to go to a little Art Gallery today however my I d not know her namie Art teacher told us that we ahve to go to only a certain places. Do you know hwoer hard that is . that is so lame. I also need to work on my APUS history presentation. I thingk I am going to do it on wireless charging. my hand is really tirec from typing. I wish that I did not avhe to do a free write. Oh speaking of YouTube and comptuers I need to start cokding for my new website. I also need to make a cool logo for it and also for my twitter and facebook and google+ profile. I love that I am able to use computers.

Well that is all for now. have a great Tuesday

English free response

Okay so for my English 1010 class we are supposed to write free writing periods where we write whatever comes to our mind. So I will be doing them as blog posts however they will also have there own page. The first one will be tomroow aroumd 1 or 2 and the second one will be around 9 or 10. This  is just an update. Stay tuned

Video Editing. What kind of Computer do you need?

In this day and age many people are starting to create video content. This included for home use, YouTube, and many other places. While many people may want to start video editing there are a few things that he/she will need to get.

1. A Computer

-This Computer does not need to be a desktop computer. You could use a laptop or even a tablet like the iPad. However If you are using a windows computer, you should be using a quad-core and at least 4GB of memory.  You can do video editing on a Dual Core computer however it is just slower and it will take longer.  You can use Mac OSX, Windows, or Linux.

2. A Camera

-There are many camera’s these days.  You can get small video camera’s, large video       camera’s, point and shoot digital camera’s, DSLR’s, and professional video camera’s. While all of these are great how do you know which one is right for you?

  • Small video camera’s: These will usually run you about $50 to $100 dollars and the majority of them shoot in HD. However they do not have a lot of memory and will run out fast if shooting in HD.
  • Video Camera’s: These are the dedicated video camera’s that most everybody as heard of.  They can have HD video recording, and most of them record to either flash, cassate tape, or SD card.  These are the best dedicated video cameras. If they have a firewire port you can also use them as a webcam. (This is the best way to live stream an event)
  • Digital Camera’s: These are your most common camera’s.  Only recently have these camera’s been able to do HD video recording. These camera’s will run  anywhere from $10 to $600.  These are the best all around camera’s for the average consumer
  • DSLR’s: These are the big bulky camera’s that professional photographer’s use. They have control over the tiniest of details and are very good at taking videos as well as pictures. DSLR’s will run you $200 or more depending on the brand and the quality of the product, as well as the features
  • The Professional Video Camera: These are the camera’s that TV stations use. They are not for the average consumer. These will cost you $2,000 or more

3. Software

In order to make you video, you will need some sort of video editing and even photo editing software. For my video editing software I use Power Director 7. It is inbetween Windows Live Movie Make and Sony Vegas Pro. For my photo editing software I use GIMP (an open source image editor) and Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9.  If you use Mac OSX you can use iMovie which is a free video editor. If you want a more professional video editor then you have Final Cut Pro X.


In a blog by Matt Ryan on Lockergnome.com he talks about how you can help in the search for extra-terrestrial life by just having your computer available to crunch large amounts of data.

He names the following programs:

1. SETI@home

2. Galaxy Zoo

While many people may not want to know or help to find out if their is extra-terrestrial life you check out he article on lockergnome.com. It is at:


Chris Pirillo also did a video on YouTube about this article

Please Check out all of the other articles on lockergnome.com. It will benefit the Lockergnome community which in turn will help me, because I am part of it.