Hello fellow people,

It has been a while since I has posted. In the past four years I have learned a foreign language and have gone back to college. I was originally studying graphic design but have recently switched over to computer science. I am not sure where I want it to go. sometimes I think I want to be an mobile developer for Android or iOS devices. Other times I want to create programs for desktop computers and other times still I want to create games.

It is actually pretty fun. Over the past few months I have created a OneNote notebook with all my ideas. I have everything from app ideas, to games,  to websites. I have even started designing these games. I am not sure when it will be able to create this. It could be years or only months. Right now they are all in the idea or design phase. Overall I have 10 projects that are in some form of development.  However I have do have some that I am looking more forward too. I have two apps that I want to get out in the next couple of years and I have a game that I can hopefully release by the year or beginning of next year.

The game is a dice game. Sorry that is all I can say now about want kind of game. At first it will only be an iOS game, however I hope to get it to run on Android, and Windows as well. And of course if I see demand for other platforms or new platforms come around I will be sure to try and get it to work on those as well.

Well it is back to work now. I hope to be able to post at least weekly. This blog will be for my ideas, thoughts, and just day to day life. I have thought about vlogging before however that is harder than it sounds. I hope to talk to you again soon.


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