Predictions for WWDC 2012

WWDC 2012

 In three hours Apple will have their WWDC keynote at 10 AM MST in San Francisco, California. While people will be attending the keynote, many more will be watching it live and even more will download it or stream it after the event is over. Apple is expected to release and announce many things during this keynote

Mountain Lion

Mac OS 10.8 or known as Mountain Lion is expected to be released a few weeks after the keynote. Currently Mountain Lion is in developers preview and everybody expects to be released this summer. Mountain Lion is bringing many of the iPad features to the Mac. Some of these include: Game Center, Notes, Notifications, and Messages. These apps that have been on the iPhone and iPad since the very beginning are now coming to the Mac. With these you will be able to sync your devices together and your productivity will increase.  Also included with Mountain Lion is AirPlay Mirroring which will allow you to stream your computers desktop to a TV that has an Apple TV connected to it. Many other companies have tried and failed to get this kind of setup to work. Now you no longer have to plug your computer into the TV to view your favorite slideshow or many other things.


Also at this keynote many people are expecting Apple to upgrade their computers. With the introduction of the Sandybridge processor from Intel all of Apple’s computers with the exception of the Mac Pro. On the subject of the Mac Pro, many people are wondering if it will still be available. The Mac Pro has not had a refreshed model since 2010.  The Macbook line of computers are expected to get retina displays just like the iPad and iPhone 4 and 4s. Many people are also hoping that the Thunderbolt and iMac displays also get the retina display however this is a little more farfetched because the size of both are just so huge.

iOS 6

iOS 6 is also supposed to be announced and probably released a few weeks after or in October. This mainly depends on whether or not a new iOS device is announced.  iOS 6 is projected to have many new features.  The first one is iMaps. Over the past couple of months Apple has acquired three different mapping services. Currently iOS uses Google maps, but with growing tensions between the two companies it looks as if Apple is going to branch out into the mapping department.  In iOS 5 Apple brought Twitter integration into iOS and in iOS 6 they are expected to bring Facebook integration into iOS.  Another one is Siri for iPad. Currently Siri is only available for the iPhone 4s so it would seem natural if the iPad would also get it. Another rumor surrounding Siri is that she would be able to open apps and do much more with voice dictation making it more of a true feature and less of a gimmick.


Ever since the iPhone 4 was released there has been plenteously of speculation of the iPhone 5. However last October when Apple did not release the iPhone 5, but rather the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 rumors skyrocketed.  Even in the last few months the Internet has exploded with new designs and concepts with what the new iPhone is going to look like. One of the biggest rumors is that the new iPhone will have a larger display. For those of you who do not know the iPhone’s screen has not been changed since it was first introduced in 2007. Many of the other rumors are betters specs and a better rear and front facing camera.  The new iPhone is also supposed to have a metal back which result in the lack of shattered iPhone backs that is prevalent among iPhone 4 and 4s owners.

My Thoughts

While all of these sound amazing and really cool I have found a few problems with all of these things being done. The first one is that this is a lot of content and change for one Keynote.  I believe that the Macs will all get updates and that Mac OS 10.8 will be released.  As for iOS 6 I do not know. Unless they release a new iPhone, I really doubt that iOS 6 will be announced and it will most certainly not be released until October. Of course if the new iPhone is released (which would make a lot of iPhone 4s costumers very unhappy) then I would expect iOS 6 to be announced and maybe even possibly released.


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