Freewrite #2

Here I am again doing another free write. They are not that bad. I really like that they let me reflect and just write down whatever is on my mind. The only things that I do not like about them are that you have to write it down and that takes time. It also hurts your hand. Well it is official I am going to the 8 and 10 o clock class times for APUSH tomorrow so I can do my presentation. I wish that it was with my normal class however I am not too picky and a least I don’t have to do it on Friday. I will also have more time if I need it, however I would because I am going to keep my presentation short and to the point so my fellow classmates do not get bored. We did like 4 today in history and the first two were really boring. So when it get home I need to type this up so i can read it later and i need to do my history project on the future of energy,. I think that it is a really fascinating topic. I can’t wait to dig deeper into the whole thing so I can learn lots and do lots. I was watching a video about the future and I really ho9pe that technology comes out in the future. When I type this up I will put the video below. Well looks like I am almost done. I only have two more days of my junior year of high school and then I will be a senior. So excited WWWDC or the place that apple unveils their products is on June 11. I am so glad that after they refresh the line up my family will get a new Apple computer. No more windows computers that die in a few years

Here is the Video:


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