Free write #1

My favorite object is my computer. While my computer is amazing, I still do not have a very good one. The only problem is that good compiters cost a lot and I don’t have the money. If I had a better computer I would be able to edit YouTube videos better. Speaking of YouTube I really want to go home and watch some. No, got to get focused. I need to work on my connect presentatin. hay that uses computers and I can upload it to YouTube. Wait, my Eagle project has accompllished 3 thyings. It has my Eagle project, my connect prject, and Ican show it today in seminary as my talent. now am i going to share it as me being good at landscaping, video editing or service. okay I really want an ipad. I ahve a nook color but there is not comparison compared to an iPad. They look so bueitful. If I am going to get an iPad I am going to need to get the money and then clear some space on my desk for the dock. Man there is a lot to do and thing about WAIT. I was going to go to a little Art Gallery today however my I d not know her namie Art teacher told us that we ahve to go to only a certain places. Do you know hwoer hard that is . that is so lame. I also need to work on my APUS history presentation. I thingk I am going to do it on wireless charging. my hand is really tirec from typing. I wish that I did not avhe to do a free write. Oh speaking of YouTube and comptuers I need to start cokding for my new website. I also need to make a cool logo for it and also for my twitter and facebook and google+ profile. I love that I am able to use computers.

Well that is all for now. have a great Tuesday


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