Chris Pirillo and the Gnomies

The other week, Chris Pirillo of the the Lockergnome Community launched the website This website is for the elite group of the Lockergnome community. It cost right around $100 dollars for an annual rate with other options like a monthly rate.

During the launch of Gnomies many people complained that Chris was making them pay for this time. While Chris has been producing FREE content since 2006 on YouTube. However he has also been producing content from since 1996. What many people may not know is that Chris has also been making money from the above websites.  When he launched Gnomies, I wanted to join however, I am currently in school and cannot afford it. While I cannot become a Gnomie and enjoy all the content that comes through the new website, I will and am continuing to support Lockergnome in all the ways that I can.

Please support Chris and if you don’t want to become a Gnomie, don’t become one.  As a wise person once said: “If you don’t want to watch it, Leave!”

Thank you and have a good day. Here is a video of Gnomies:


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