Video Editing. What kind of Computer do you need?

In this day and age many people are starting to create video content. This included for home use, YouTube, and many other places. While many people may want to start video editing there are a few things that he/she will need to get.

1. A Computer

-This Computer does not need to be a desktop computer. You could use a laptop or even a tablet like the iPad. However If you are using a windows computer, you should be using a quad-core and at least 4GB of memory.  You can do video editing on a Dual Core computer however it is just slower and it will take longer.  You can use Mac OSX, Windows, or Linux.

2. A Camera

-There are many camera’s these days.  You can get small video camera’s, large video       camera’s, point and shoot digital camera’s, DSLR’s, and professional video camera’s. While all of these are great how do you know which one is right for you?

  • Small video camera’s: These will usually run you about $50 to $100 dollars and the majority of them shoot in HD. However they do not have a lot of memory and will run out fast if shooting in HD.
  • Video Camera’s: These are the dedicated video camera’s that most everybody as heard of.  They can have HD video recording, and most of them record to either flash, cassate tape, or SD card.  These are the best dedicated video cameras. If they have a firewire port you can also use them as a webcam. (This is the best way to live stream an event)
  • Digital Camera’s: These are your most common camera’s.  Only recently have these camera’s been able to do HD video recording. These camera’s will run  anywhere from $10 to $600.  These are the best all around camera’s for the average consumer
  • DSLR’s: These are the big bulky camera’s that professional photographer’s use. They have control over the tiniest of details and are very good at taking videos as well as pictures. DSLR’s will run you $200 or more depending on the brand and the quality of the product, as well as the features
  • The Professional Video Camera: These are the camera’s that TV stations use. They are not for the average consumer. These will cost you $2,000 or more

3. Software

In order to make you video, you will need some sort of video editing and even photo editing software. For my video editing software I use Power Director 7. It is inbetween Windows Live Movie Make and Sony Vegas Pro. For my photo editing software I use GIMP (an open source image editor) and Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9.  If you use Mac OSX you can use iMovie which is a free video editor. If you want a more professional video editor then you have Final Cut Pro X.



In a blog by Matt Ryan on he talks about how you can help in the search for extra-terrestrial life by just having your computer available to crunch large amounts of data.

He names the following programs:

1. SETI@home

2. Galaxy Zoo

While many people may not want to know or help to find out if their is extra-terrestrial life you check out he article on It is at:

Chris Pirillo also did a video on YouTube about this article

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Vader Did you Know?

A great song made 4 years ago. It is to the song of “Mary did you know?”.  I know that many of you may be upset because of the way that the author did this, however they did a very good job.

Check out the actual YouTube page:

Siri? Is she still that cool?

During this holiday season many of you may be thinking of getting an iPhone and maybe an iPhone 4s.  Now the iPhone 4s has many new features, however one of the biggest features when the phone first came out was Siri. Is she still that good? Many people have stopped using her after a month or so.  While she was fun in the first place she definately has gotten a little old. However she will never stop making me laught. Check out this video from from

If you haven’t gotten the iPhone 4s will you now that you have read this article. Siri is fun but if you have the iPhone 4 and are not a tech reviewer, for one you are a little late to the party, and for two you should wait for the iPhone 5

Do you have a Dropbox Account?

I, like many of you am a student. We all have need of USB drive now and then. We have all probably forgot to bring our USB drive and then we can’t print a homework assignment off. Well, why not be able to have a USB drive wherever you have an Internet connection. This is what Dropbox is. It is an online USB drive.

Check it out at

If you want and extra 2mb of storage (you get 2GB free) then use this link to sign up:

You can learn more about it in an article written by Lockergnome:

The same people also made a video talking about Dropbox:

What is the best Mac for you?

Are you new to Apple?

Do you need a new one?

Which one should I get?

If you answered yes to the above three questions here is what you should do.

Which One?

Mac Pro: This is a computer that is not for the average consumer.  This is a computer for your higher-end users. This is the only Apple computer that does not have a Thunderbolt port

iMac: This is the best desktop Apple computer computer for your money.

Mac Mini: This is the best media consumption device.  This is a computer that best goes with a HDTV.

Apple TV: This is not a computer. You would want to get this if you did not want to get the Mac Mini

Macbook Pro: This is comparable to to the Mac Pro as it is not for the average consumer, however it will be good for the average person too.

Macbook Air: This was the first “ultrabook”.  It is a thin laptop computer. It had two USB ports, a Ethernet port, magsafe and audio.

For more information please go to the Apple page on this blog: